Who rules in a democracy?

First Contradiction of Democracy

As we discussed earlier criticism is crucial to the emergence of new ideas and solutions thus leading to increase in knowledge. But there is a very real problem faced in everyday life. Whenever someone criticises the prevailing ideas and the people in power it means that the person is trying to oust those in power. He gathers a large number of supporters and after successfully de-legitimising the ruling people and their ideas he then grabs power. This happens in all kinds of organisations and even within families. Thus control and power passes into the hands of others.

A protest march in Pakistan in 2014 demanding resignation of the prime minster

Obviously those in power will defend their position. It is not enough if they accept the criticism. Accepting the criticism also strengthens those who make it. The only way is to crush the dissenters which can be done only if their critique and ideas themselves are de-legitimised. This is the main reasons societies and organisations become anti-knowledge and are unable to change and respond even though their very survival is at stake as the ruling persons cannot let go of their power into the hands of others and face persecution themselves.

Then how can a society or organisation become more democratic? How can the vivekatma get strengthened?

The answer is that as society progresses and advances more it is more and more systemised becoming less a collection of individuals and more a super-system. As this happens it is no longer persons who rule but it is the ideas themselves. In a perfect democracy ideas themselves are the rulers. People just propose and implement ideas but cannot be rulers themselves. This is a gradual process and as society democratises it happens more and more.

Earlier the king was the ruler of the realm and even earlier the king was also a god! But now there are no kings and kingdoms. The society as a whole is not ruled by any particular person. The same process goes on and on and the direction of progress is from a society where persons are rulers to where ideas are rulers. 


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