Stop Bullying Trump

Donald Trump is swearing in as president of USA on Friday, 20th January 2017

The problem with the people protesting against Donald Trump becoming President of the US is that they are in-fact against democracy. What they are saying is that no matter what a person says before getting elected, no matter that the person has the mandate of the people. We do not care. We are a bunch of oligarchs sitting here who will dictate the policy of the country. So whatever agenda you had earlier, that which the people voted for, you have to abandon it now. No matter who gets elected, they have to follow our own agenda. If you don’t follow our agenda then we will protest, attack and bend you until you agree. 

If this is not fascism then what is?
Protestors hell bent on bullying trump to fall in line

Being against Trump’s policies is one thing. Everyone has the right to be against someone’s policies. But democracy is accepting even when the ideas we oppose gain popularity. Authoritarianism and Fascism is about attacking others when their views do not match ours and making then bend to our line. 

When Trump gets elected, why is this clamour going on to stop his policies from getting implemented? His policies may prove disastrous for USA, they may be the best thing for that country or maybe neither. Everyone will know this over the next four years as they get implemented. When you do not even allow his policies to get implemented then how do you know whether or not they are good.

If this is the situation in the USA, the bastion of democracy, then it is a very bad thing indeed for democracy the entire world.


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