End of Labour Party due to mockery of Democracy?

Labour has to become more democratic or become an oligarchy

The recent events in the UK cast doubts on the very future of the labour party. It appears that soon the labour party will recede to third or even fourth place in terms of their share in the votes. Why? Due to the mockery of democracy that’s taking place right now. Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the leader by the Labour party members and activists. But as his agenda is not supported by a few elites, a coup has taken place against him. 

 In the ensuing elections for the top spot in Labour party Corbyn automatically stands as a candidate as he is the leader. This is even though he lacks the support of the required number of MPs. This absurdity must be questioned? On what basis is the PLP opposing Corbyn? On some flimsy grounds that cannot withstand even the slightest scrutiny. 

 Now Corbyn still has massive support among the members of Labour party. The detractors of Corbyn have a massive struggle ahead of them. This is due the democratic methods followed in the labour party. The labour party has two choices now: to become more democratic by following the mandate of its members or by becoming an oligarchy by thwarting the decision of the members. 

 There are two possibilities now. Corbyn gets elected again or Corbyn gets defeated. But both cases do not look good for Labour’s future. Let’s say Corbyn gets defeated. The hundreds of thousands of members who joined labour in the last one year get disgruntled. The millions of followers get disgruntled as Labour doesn’t change its policies. The elites have If Corbyn gets elected the elites won’t accept this. The labour party is going to get split. The elites retain control of the party but the party loses respect among its followers. Disgruntled the followers either stop getting involved in politics or move on to other parties. Thus the labour drastically shrinks in size and loses the capacity to influence anything.

 The second possibility is even more deplorable. Corbyn gets re elected. The elite still do not support Corbyn as he doesn’t follow their agenda. The Labour party loses significant amounts of funding. As no one funds the party the party is unable to operate. This is the most important aspect of politics that all of us are ignoring. A massive organisation like a nationwide political party needs lots of funding to function. The most important of which is to maintain full time activists. Who is going to feed these activists and pay their bills? Thus the labour party is unable to operate in a major scale. Slowly it starts shrinking. 

 Thus it seems like Labour is going to be another casualty in the long fight between democracy and authoritarianism. All of this is happening because there is no way for people ( of any political strand) to support and maintain a political party that supports their agenda. Any party has to invariably rely on some wealthy funders and thus has to follow the agenda of the funders rather than that of its voters or members, as has been witnessed in Greece recently.


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