Why Aadhar is Revolutionary

 A great debate is raging in the country whether Aadhar, now that it has gained legal sanctity, is good or bad. The naysayers claim that  Aadhar intrudes into the privacy of citizens and thus it is bad. But first of all what exactly is privacy?

 When a person does not want to divulge details about himself or herself and if  others forcibly make that person come out with the details, then it is violation  of privacy. Thus we have privacy of person and of our homes and so on. This is  why the court has concluded that phone tapping is a violation of privacy as it is forcible intervention into the personal lives of others. 

 But by virtue of living in a society a person divulges many details about him or her. For example the details of the phone numbers a person has are already with the government. The details of a person’s bank accounts and the person’s properties are all already with the government. Similarly a person needs to divulge his medical history to his medical insurance company. 

 What Aadhar ultimately does is to take all the details related to a person that are already with the government or in the public domain and link them together in a single unified database with biometric details of that person. Obviously this is very beneficial to law enforcement, security on the one hand and to identify beneficiaries of government programmes and so on the other. 

 Aadhar doesn’t intrude into any parts of our lives that are not already public, like our phone conversations or our homes. So there doesn’t arise any question of Aadhar violating the privacy of citizens. 

 The government should not be viewed as something belonging to someone else. The government is that of all the citizens. If we have safety concerns about the misuse of our data or hacking into the database then we should demand more security and accountability. Several accidents occur every year due to the use of automobiles. We continuously devise better methods to prevent accidents but do not stop using automobiles. The same applies to Aadhar. 

 Already with the advent of mobile wallet and cashless economy every financial transaction of every person will be traced. Internet giants have a profile of the likes and opinions of individuals. We need accountability and security, not only from the government but also from private companies. It is the use of next level technologies like Aadhar that we can advance as a society.

 Shunning the use of technology which are for greater societal integration is always dangerous. Every movement, social, political or religious, and technology which intend for greater societal integration are Revolutionary!

 Finally, people who are not doing anything unlawful or illegal need not fear of Aadhar.


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