Democracy came into existence before humans!

Democracy came into existence before humans!
Quiet an unbelievable statement. But a true statement.
    It is unbelievable to imagine democracy without human beings. Because it is believed that democracy is a form of government. A government is meant for governing the people of a region or a country. It is a natural question that how can there be democracy without humans as it is a form of government?
    MOSDEM believes that democracy is more than a form of government. It is a system where every member or constituent of the system strives for the survival and development of the system and in return the members get a reasonable assistance by the system for his/her survival.
    MOSDEM believes that it is a form of system where there is no repression. No member of the system resorts to any kind of oppression on other members. Collectively they all strive for the betterment of their system without any force or coercion of any kind.
    MOSDEM believes that peace and love pervades throughout the system. Every member of the system loves every other member of the system and vice versa. Thus the entire system is in peace and tranquility.
    Such systems were achieved on Earth before human beings came into existence. This will be explained in future articles.
    For the time being it can be concluded that real democracy came into existence before human beings.


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