Welcome to MOSDEM.
     As we all know Democracy is a form of government. In fact Democracy is more than a form of government, it is a way of life. It is a form of society where there is no oppression. It is a form of economy where everyone strives for the continuous increase of wealth and  productivity and equitable distribution. A form of family where love blossoms.
     A strong democracy provides social justice, secularism, equal opportunities and freedom of thought and expression. It also develops peace, love and brotherhood. 
     If any society lacks any one of these qualities then it can be concluded that there is no democracy in that society.
     In our present world very few countries are marching to achieve such democracies, but so far no country has achieved such a matured democracy. The rest of the world is far off from democracy. In the present global village situation no country can achieve true democracy until and unless the rest of the world achieves it. Hence it is the duty of every global citizen and every country to strive to achieve this goal. 
      If we fail in our mission there is an imminent danger of catastrophic end of our mother Earth.
      MOSDEM, Movement for Stronger Democracy, is just meant for this purpose. It tries to organize, motivate and educate the people to bring pressure on their respective governments to adopt a more and more democratic form of functioning so as to enable to achieve the true democracy and save our planet Earth.


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