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Corbyn and the Election: Who actually lost?

Corbynism was not rejected, Labour should not pivot to the 'centre'To properly treat any malfunction of the body we have to diagnose it properly. The same applies to organisations and even nations. The question about the future of Labour can be answered properly only if we properly understand the reason for that loss.
The mandate of Thursday was clear: ‘get Brexit done’. To pretend that the election was about anything else other than Brexit is extremely dangerous. Moreover, it was ‘remain’ that was resoundingly defeated, not Corbynism. Boris Johnson wanted the election to be entirely about Brexit. Ever since David Cameron called for the referendum and leave won in 2016 that is the only issue dominating British politics and particularly affecting the conservatives, who have been ruling the country.
The latest election was also the result of internal bickering within the conservative party. Theresa May repeatedly lost in Parliament and could not make any of her agreements pass. H…

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