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Brexit and the Murder of Democracy

Oppose "People's Vote" – Save Britain from becoming a corporate dictatorshipThe referendum to decide the question of Brexit was imposed by Parliament as the conservative party promised to do so in the 2015 manifesto. Then the people gave their decision after wide discussions on 23rd June 2016 with a resounding mandate to get out of the European Union and all its institutions. 52% of the people supported the decision. When you get 52% of the votes in Parliament that bill becomes law. But when 52% of people vote for Brexit it is a narrow margin gained by misinformation and propaganda, according to some remainers. This shows that they have no respect for the people or democratic decision making. Responsibility of the Conservatives
The government has a mandate to implement Brexit. The conservative party went to the polls promising a “strong and stable” government during the Brexit negotiations. Brexit means exiting the European Union and all its institutions. The debate in par…

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