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China bans Wikipedia - reverting to authoritarianism

Recently Wikipedia of all languages was banned in China. Earlier sites like YouTube, Facebook etc., were banned. This is an attempt to isolate the Chinese population from the opinions from the rest of the world. Historically, a very big problem in Chinese culture is authoritarianism and lack of rule of law. We appreciate all the Chinese inventions like gunpowder, paper, printing, silk and so on. But all of these are design and engineering type innovations. Chinese society was extraordinarily lethargic in adopting new and better ideas. Despite having a 4000-year-old civilisation and contact with the rest of the world civilisations for 2000 years, the Chinese never knew that the world was round not flat. They were in contact with Indian science and astronomy. Many Chinese scholars like Faxian and Xuanzang visited India and studied at universities like Nalanda. Moreover many Buddhist preachers and scholars toured across China. Therefore, we cannot assume that the high-level scholars did …

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