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Ancient vs Medieval Makes no Sense

The concept of an “ancient” era and a “medieval” era followed by modern era evolved in Europe during the Renaissance and enlightenment periods. The scholars at that time looked highly upon the Roman empire and bemoaned its collapse and what followed was termed the “dark ages”. The time between the collapse of the Western Roman empire in 5th century AD and the Renaissance around 1500 AD was termed the middle ages. While the collapse of a civilisation across Europe is indeed sad and the categorisation of middle ages and ancient age may be good for Europe the same cannot be said for the rest of the world. The distinction between bronze age and beginning or iron age in late 2nd millennium BC is a better grounded one. The best distinction is before a culture evolves into a 'civilisation' and after it.
Coming to India scholars here too have classified the time until the collapse of the Gupta empire in 6th century AD as “ancient”and the time after that as “medieval”. But does this mak…

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